Monday, August 6, 2012

Review Policy :)

Hey Authors/Publishers! Thanks for looking at my website! So, I'm guessing you are here to ask for me to review your book? If so, continue reading..........

                  If you want me to review your book: Please fill out my google form, so I can get back to you.
It should take me about a day or two since I check those docs very often. I post reviews where you like, most definitely on here, and if you like, Amazon,Goodreads,Barnes and Nobles or other sites.

                 Now, I have to tell you, I don't read much non-fiction or ancient books or too religion books or many very few romance books, so please don't be angry if I turn a book like that down. I love fiction, Paranormal YA books the most in a genre, mysterious, Mermaids and Fairies ( Obsession) well then books like that, I will most likely accept.
                 Do not take it the wrong way if I turn you down. It's most likely because I  have too many books to review, there shouldn't be another reason. I make all my reviews honest, and  base it on If the title is good, Was it confusing at times, can you relate, stuff like that, and it's an honest review, so please do not get hurt if I rate it 2 stars.

             If you have a time you want it done by, which in that case, I try to review it by 6 weeks but it depends, but if you do, let me know, and I can TRY to work it out, just note, I get crazy busy with reviews.

        I like Mobi. copies of books, PDF copies as well are fine. I won't turn down Hardcover/ Paperback but if you have those copies, it will be best for me. If you would like me to have an ARC Copy, please include that it is an ARC copy and when it will be published and when a suitable time for me to publish it would be.
                      Link to form

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