Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chapter 1 Of -The Mysterious Beach -

I wrote a story, and wanted to give you the first chapter of it! It's up on my facebook page as well. I know there are some mistakes, but I started this a while ago only soooo.... Here I go!

Skye and Alexis are on a beach called Mystery Beach. Rumor has it,
Mystery Beach really is coincidentally a Mystery! They saw an ocean up
ahead. It's named Secrecy, since the death of Emberline Grancy was a secret. No one knows how but she mysteriously died in the water. But Skye and Alexis have no fears, especially Alexis They went to get their bag with the towel in it and kept it by the shore. They went to go swim in the sparkly, smooth, silent, water
No people were swimming today, which was unusual because it is very popular but kind of expected since people think it is dangerous. What a beautiful day it was! With the Sunset all
so purple. It wasn't too deep, enough so they could swim. The cold breeze of water layed upon their arms. Finally they were at shore, or at least they thought.
As walking, they saw a cave.Crystal Cave.


  1. Great beginning! I like how you describe the water. Keep writing.

    1. L-L-Lauren... Bjorkman? As in Miss Fortune Cookie??!?! Always wanted to read it SO bad! Thank you SO much! Means a lot, coming from the words (text) out of your mouth (comment)! :)