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''Four In The Morning'' By Christi Goddard- REVIEW

Hey Guys! So I recently read ''Four In The Morning'' and finished today! I received this book for an honest review by the editor, So I wanted to post my review up and it is this.......
At first, I could TOTALLY relate to it, do you hear me say that a lot, because I tend to say that a lot.......
Anyways, I loved this book! There WERE some Con's but mainly only one, but there were many Pro's

The only Con was that there was a lot of cursing, which kind of made me....... I don't have a word for it, but I shouldn't say it is a Con since it is a Young Adult book so basically then, I LOVED it! If you didn't read it/or are planning to, then don't read ahead, but I can give you a short summary, so you CAN read ahead!

It start's out as a girl, Kathleen ( nicknamed: Elchubba, or something) leading a horrible life with her mother. She never listens to her. A guy named Josh knocks on her door, but then runs away but wants Kathleen to write a love note to a girl named ''Macy Trindle'' Then a chapter or two farther ahead a weird skunk appears out of NOWHERE! It's name is Rigel and ''Rigel'' is warning her to watch out for Aka, Kathleen's best friend who is a boy. That's basically all I am saying. Christi Goddard is an amazing author, and I wonder if they are making book two! Even though I doubt it.
From Immortal Ink Publishing
From Immortal Ink Publishing

Final Verdict: I love this book, I recommend this to any teen or Young Adult but I have to warn you, there is a lot of cursing so.. Maybe not too young of a teen. It is a great read, It's really short only about 12 and under number of pages in a chapter out of 23 Chapters.  I RATE IT 5/5 STARS!

The Real Summary: Kathleen Hayson thinks her biggest problem is her mother. The only runner up—her mouth. With a wit sharper than her mother's perfectly manicured nails, her clever remarks create more problems than they solve. But it's not her clever remarks landing her knee-deep in trouble. This time, Josh Colby is to blame. Kathleen's former childhood friend has become the school's most stuck up jerk. Before, she'd have told him to piss off and write his own stupid letter to the town slut/minister's daughter. Now Kathleen's escalating problems at home force her to reevaluate how flexible her principles are. She agrees to write the controversial letter Josh has requested. Enter Rigel, a smartass magical creature who invades her room one night, promises he has come to help her. When a boy Kathleen hates turns up dead and her mother goes missing, the letter becomes a key piece of police evidence – implicating Kathleen. As she fights her way out of a web of lies, the trust she has in those closest to her shatters. In the end, she's pushed to a terrible choice: who lives, and who else dies.

I really loved this book, it was addicting to read, especially, I LOVED Kathleen's sarcastic place in it. And I love how while I was reading it, I couldn't stop imagining what it would be to sound the way they are speaking, with such passion. I really do hope Christie will make a book two! AND I HEARD SHE WAS, but I could be wrong!

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