Saturday, September 8, 2012

Free Book Friday!

Hey Sassy Authors/Readers! I forgot about Free Book Friday! To make up for it I am doing it today! Here we go!

Christie Rich- Five (Elemental Enmity) #1 -

Tara Maya- The Unfinished Song ( Initiate) #1-

Micheal Mclung-The Thief Who Spat In Good Luck's Eye-

Abby Gaines- Married By Mistake-

Elizabeth Hunter-A Hidden Fire-Elemental Mysteries #1-

That's it for today but I have a list of 99+ cent books to share also!

Kendall Amy Kennedy -Girl,Undone ( The Desert Chronicles) - 99 Cents

Dina Silver -One Pink Line- - 2.99

Amanda Quick - The Paid Companion - - 7.99

And that's my...list Ha ha. Hope you buy these books!

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