Tuesday, September 11, 2012

INTERVIEW!!!!- Laura Hunter

Q1.When did you start writing? And when did you become an author?
I began writing when i was 15, song lyrics mainly, then i started writing fanfiction and short stories when i was 19. This year i began writing my debut novel, it was always my dream to be an author.

Q2.When was your first book released?
 My first book hasnt been released yet its with an editor, as i havent been published i havent got a release date as of yet. I update my page and blog constantly so keep checking

Q3.Do you have more books that you have written?
 I havent written more books but i have plans for more books

Q4. When you were younger did you like to write

I loved to write when i was younger I had a wild imagination

Q5. Is there a certain thing you do before writing your books?
 I normally just jot down random ideas or dreams before i start writing my books and work out how to slot them into the story later. I keep a cat hair-covered idea book next my bed so if i think of something during the night i can write it down so i don't forget it.

Q6. How long did it take you to write a book?
 It took me about 4-5 months to write book 1 of The Legend of the Archangel series, it depends on how easily inspiration comes.
Q7.How many books have you read? And did you like to read when you were younger?
Oh gosh how many books have i read? Too many to count lol. I have been reading my whole life.

Q8.Do you have another author or person or even place who/that gives you inspiration?
Cassie Clare and Phillip Pullman inspire me, as does my friends and family.

Q9. Do you write everyday?
Yes i try to write whenever i can! My brain is too active for me to not write!

Q10. How did you get your book published?
 I am not yet published but have some in mind. I am doing it the old fashioned way though, writing a proposal etc, here's hoping they like it!

So as you may not know the author, because she is not published YET! She is in the middle of writing it and that kind of stuff. So!!! I hope you read her book when it IS published and yeah! That's it for today!

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