Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Booker Award

Hey Guys! I got nominated for The Booker Award! I got nominated by Kayla Curry! So rules are 

  • I have to list my top 5 books.
  • I have to add the Booker Award Icon
  • And I have to pick 5 other awesome Bloggers!
For me, this is not at ALL easy, especially my 5 all time favorite books!
I have to list them anyways so here I go....

#1. The Creepover: Truth Or Dare by P.J. Night
 I found this book VERY amusing and it has so much suspense to it. Yes it is a book, not a T.V.Show but it has a Mystery Vibe to it, I recommend this for tweens. It was a Mystery I very much enjoyed. 

#2. Freak by E.K.Henry
I somewhat felt I could relate to this, as of not having people understand you, and even though you don't want something to happen, It does. It is a great YA read, heck even for Kids! I recommend this to ANYONE who feels like they have had at least someone, not listen to them.

#3. The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton
This Paranormal-Urban Fantasy book, will get you flipping through pages, You won't be able to stop!!! I choose this as my top 5 favorite books, because its too much of a good book!

#4.Five by Christie Rich
This is a book that is absoulutley my FAVORITE. It is a great read for YA! I think if you buy this book, you will love it in a second!

#5. If Love Was Enough by Regina Pucket
This short story is too good to be true. It is a sequel to Balloon Wishes. I wish both books were longer, but sadly no. This is a great YA book, that will not make you want to put it down! :) 

Ahh, well I am done with picking my favorites! Lets move onto bloggers!

One of these blogs nominated me, but I truly love her blog so much, I NEED to nominate her.


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