Tuesday, October 23, 2012


 Day 2- Blog tour!

 First up is an interview with A.D. Trosper!

 Q1.When did you start writing? And when did you become an author?

I wrote in little dabbles when I was in my early teens, but nothing I finished. It wasn't until much, much later after I married and had kids that I started writing a novel. My husband kept telling me I should. So, finally one day I decided I would write a book about dragons and so my journey in novel writing began. I took six years from start to finish. I had a baby in the middle of that and didn't get much written in the first two years after my youngest was born. The rest of the time was taken up with learning to write, learning the craft, taking criticism and learning some more.

When did I become an author? That one is more tricky. I have a published book out and have an author page on FB and family calls me an author, but am I an author yet? With only one book out? I'm not sure I can quite claim that title yet. 

Q2. When was your first book released? My first book was released in May of this year

Q3. Do you have more books that you have written? No, Embers at Galdrilene is my first, although I am working hard on the second in the trilogy.

Q4. When you were younger did you like to write? Some. Mostly I loved to read. I wrote some little stories here and there and loved making up characters in my head, but it wasn't anything I spent a lot of time at. When I was younger, my life revolved around my horses.

Q5. Is there a certain thing you do before writing your books? Plug in my headphones,lol. My writing space is in the living room of our small house. I tried writing without them, but with three kids I found it too hard to concentrate with a video game or Spongebob in the background.

Q6. How long did it take you to write a book? Like I said above, the first book took several years. The second book is moving along much faster.

Q7.How many books have you read? And did you like to read when you were younger? Oh my goodness, I couldn't even begin to count them. I have read so many across so many genres. My mother instilled a love of reading in me from the time I was very little.

Q8.Do you have another author or person or even place who/that gives you inspiration? My husband inspires me a lot. So do a lot of other things. I once saw the sun sinking below a line of thunderstorms. It was so beautiful and dramatic, it inspired a scene and even ended up in the book. Music also inspires me.

Q9. Do you write everyday? I wish,lol. No with three children, homeschooling them and everything else that needs done as a wife and mother, I don't write everyday. I do try to write several times a week though.

Q10.How did you get your book published? I decided to go the indie author route and so far I'm pretty happy with my decision.



  1. Great interview! I already have this book on my TBR list and can't wait to get it. Glad to hear the second book is coming along faster, cause I'm sure as soon as I get the first one read, I'll be quite anxious for the second.

  2. Great interview and I love how you get your inspiration. I don't use GFC but I use WordPress. Do you have to have GFC to enter? Hope not! Best of luck to you AD!

  3. Tried to follow your blog with Twitter but I guess it's not working right now. I will try back later :)