Friday, November 9, 2012


Piracy. It’s a big thing in the movie/music world, but not limited to that. It’s a huge thing in the book world. Authors make money from their sales. It’s an option for kindle loan on their book, which is totally fine! But what’s not fine is Piracy.      
        Now. You might ask what Piracy is. Piracy is the name of a specific crime under customary international law. To make is simple, it’s basically in the book world, an example would be… Putting a book online for FREE that you didn’t get permission to do, and others can’t download it, but ILLEGALLY download it.
 It takes passion, love, time, a soul, and YEARS of practice and editing. Because of Piracy, they don’t get any money for what they put into the book!
Think of an amazing author. I’ll pick Suzanne Collins, Author of the Hunger Games. It probably took passion, and time… a lot of time for her to write it! Now, for a fact, the book is on a website… to download, for FREE. But uhhh, guess what? She gets no money whatsoever. Pretend it costs 1 dollar. Pretend it’s on the homepage of Skype. Right now 36,697,868 people are on Skype. At the least, 10,000,000 would download it. Suzanne Collins COULD have made at the least 5,000 dollars if everyone paid for it, but guess what? No one did. You are putting everything to waste from that author, and the author might just not finish the series because of Piracy and no sales.
        Piracy IS a big deal; don’t act like it’s not. Don’t ignore this. If you know anyone who is putting up Piracy on a certain website, if you can, contact the page, and see if they can take that post down.
        Next time you post a free song, movie or even book download, just know… you are hurting the author and possibly  yourself. 

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