Sunday, November 25, 2012

Review of Daughters of The Sea #1- Katheryn Lasky

So, if you know me well enough, I am obsessed with Mermaids! I placed 18 book requests on Mermaid Books and decided to read this book first! My review...

This book is recommended with tweens 9-12, but gosh... it was intense, where do I start!? I dont want to give much away, but I think I might, to explain this! The words...I swear I had to use a dictionary half the time! The romantic parts.. oh wow! The youngest one.. Ettie, her oldest sister, Lila aka brat has a crush on the new painter. She always teases Lila  ''Oh, you want the painter to see you naked?'' If anything, this is 14+. Now on with the review.... Hannah Albury, an orphan has been placed in The Boston Home for Little Wanderers. When any orphan in there turns 14, they can leave. The person who decides, thinks of Hannah as... unsuitable, and is supposed to go in a home, where there is no sea, and she demands to go back. When she does, she gets a new replacement as a scullery girl over at #18 Louisburg Square. Now, I may have left out a few details..  but did I mention Clarice....the middle child loves to read.. hehe? If I had to rate this, it would be smack in the middle of 4 and 5, a 4.5 but I can't do that, so maybe a 4? I'm struggling hehe. RATING: 4/5 stars!

The real summary: Bestselling author Kathryn Lasky plunges into the world of teen romance with a magical series about the newest supernatural phenomenon--mermaids!

Hannah is not like other girls in the turn-of-the-century Boston orphanage where she grew up. Instead of seasickness, she gets land sickness. She leaves a ring of salt in the tub when she bathes, and sometimes she sees a faint tracing of scales on her feet. It's freakish, horrifying . . . and deeply thrilling.

Hannah feels a change coming. But she is not the only one who senses it. A young painter recognizes something in Hannah--a connection with the sea that recalls a secret from his own past. A choice lies ahead, and Hannah must discover if she is a creature of the land--or of the sea.

Final Verdict: Anyone who shares a passion of love with the sea, pick this book UP!

Kathryn Lasky

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