Sunday, December 16, 2012

REVIEW- Vulgar in Disguise by Megan J. Parker- From Natasha

               My review of Vulgar in Disguise by Megan J. Parker                    

So, I received this book yesterday for review, and I just HAD to pick it up! I'm happy to say, I finished this in one sitting, but I'll admit, it is poetry, so it didn't take too long.
I liked the way Megan described the words, added details in which I felt..into it, like it was my own life, and how she kept it at a good pace. My favorite poems were: Web of Lies, Lunar Wolf, Ghostly Despair, Colors embrace, Shadows, Time Will Tell, Worry No more, My Battle, Taste of a Memory, and Poison Touch! I even listed basically all of them except like 2 or 3! I really think you should pick up this book right now! For $0.99 is not a bad deal for this poetry book! Buy! I rate it a 4 stars!

Vulgar in Disguise

Real Summary: A dark poetic collection from the author, Megan J. Parker
Love, loss, chaos and anger...
In this collection, 
You will find various types of poems and themes.

For ever obscure mind...
Comes this collection.
She is "Vulgar in Disguise"...

Image of Megan J. Parker

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About Megan J. Parker
Megan J. Parker lives in upstate New York in a small town that no one can spell or pronounce. She is normally found either hanging in her home with her fiancée, Nathan, and two evil cats that believe they are the kings of the house, or on campus at the local college sitting in the art rooms with her face plastered to the Mac-lab computers.
On her down time, she likes reading and designing new logos and videos. Her passion for telling stories is portrayed in all her work and when there's a story to tell, you can be sure she'll tell it to its full extent. She aspires to own her own design company and work in a studio where she can edit and write to her heart's content.                                     

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