Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Outside the Addiction

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Susan Green is a single mother raising three children. She has had it rough… But, always managed… Until now. 

Susan’s daughter, Tina, has been acting strange. She has always been a very calm child, then one day she began acting out in anger. Her mother is worried it may be drugs. 

In her attempt to find out what is going on with her daughter, Susan finds out more than she can bargain for. 

Susan’s life changes and not for the better, she is faced with a demon that she can’t control. How can she fight for a life that’s not hers to fight for. Can Susan save her daughter?

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About the Author:
She is a first time author! She lives in West Virginia, is a single mother of five children. She started writing for fun when she was younger and decided to go further with it. This journey for her  has been a wonderful experience. IShe is so excited about my new book.

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