Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart- Review

Introducing: The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart 
**All opinions below are mine and nobody elses**

15 year old Ruby Oliver suddenly started having panic attacks all of a sudden, after some crazy debacles during her freshman(?) year. Within a 10 day period she:
-Lost her boyfriend (boy #13)
- Lost her best friend
-Lost all her other friends
-Learned gory details about her now-ex-boyfriend's sexual adventures
-Did something shockingly advanced with a boy (boy #15)
-Did something suspicious with a boy (boy #10)
-Had an argument with a boy (boy #14)
-Drank her first beer
-Got caught by her mom
-Lost a lacrosse game
-Failed a math test
-Hurt Megan's feelings
-Had graffiti written about her in the girls' bathroom
-Became a leper
- and a famous slut.
Yeah, a lot isn't it? After about 5 panic attacks, she finds herself stuck with Doctor Z., her therapist. 

 The book is flat out hilarious! You won't want to do anything else except read when this is in your hands.

            Okay most will admit that once they heard the title of the book, and saw the cover, they were mislead by it. It's not exactly a book that will appeal to people at first. But seriously, they are missing out. The ceramic frog resembles something that pops up later in the book, and the title just fits.

 I totally related to Ruby (she narrates the book) as I read this. Ruby's personality is so quirky! Even considering all that  bad stuff did happen, she's not a total optimist about her situation but neither is she a pessimist.  More of a realist if you will.  Most of the time, she makes idiotic mistakes (sorry Ruby), but the ones that happen to her make sense. It fits well.
When Lockhart tells the story, she describes it in great detail,  and you just think it's all happening to you. Which half the time isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Make that 1/4 of the time.

This book has fun little footnotes which  are really unique and they work out well with this kind of plot. The plot isn't rushed, but at one moment it felt as if it could have been written better.

The author has great potential, and I just love this series even though I'm not done. I just know I'll like the rest of the books. She may have been in her thirties when she wrote this, but her mind is like a teenager's. She is officially added to my not-yet-made list of favorite authors. Haha. :)

Overall, this is an eccentric, quirky and feel good novel that all pre-teens/teens should read.
Ruby Oliver lives to tell the tale!

Rating: 5/5 stars

Platform I read it on: Paperback from Amazon
Pages: 229

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Have a safe summer everyone!