Sunday, September 30, 2012

REVIEW-Falling From Grace-By Jane Godwin

Okay, so I had to read 3 books for my school project and I chose to read ''Falling from Grace'' as one of them and finished in 2 days so here I go with my review! The book is by Jane Godwin.

It was an AMAZING read! This was one of the first books I ever read that I understood ( not including Tinkerbell). Without being such a spolier, here is the sumarry, from my own words.
It's about a girl named Grace. She and her sister Annie along with their Dad were playing a game outside. They ran far away and had to get back, but Grace found a dead penguin and decided to keep it. She put the penguin in her backpack and went back, but on their way back, Grace fell from the cliffs. And was never seen afterwards............ A boy named Kip finds the backpack floating ashore and the phone rings and the girls' dad was calling. He wanted to meet Kip somewhere along the beach to collect the stuff...But then it gets complicated, the police get involved, an awkward guy named Ted starts to be ''friends?'' I would guess you would say with Kip but he is creepy!

Real Summary: It was all meant to be just a game, but now Grace is missing and may not even be alive. During an elaborate game of hide-and-seek on the beach, twelve-year-old sisters Annie and Grace are caught in the rising tide, and Grace seems to have been swept away. In the midst of this, fourteen-year-old Kip is also in the wrong place at the wrong time. Finding Grace's abandoned backpack sets off a chain of events that lands Kip under police surveillance. As the search for Grace intensifies, suspicions grow. But can Kip piece everything together and clear his name before it's too late for Grace? Told in Kip's and Annie's alternating voices, this spellbinding mystery looks at the choices young people make--and their consequences ( From Goodreads)

Just a note, for younger kids it may have some terms you won't understand.

Now, the story doesn't have chapters.It does have narrators. Its not too long, only 187 pages. I read it in a few sittings but only took about a day or two, so its pretty nteresting. The cool part is, the setting is REAL!  OH and I rate the book 5 out of 5 stars.

Final Verdict: If you are, what it stated; 11 and up, (14 and up is my opinion) then you should read it! You wont get the taddest bit confused. GO FOR IT! I love this book so much, and recommend it to ANYONE!!!!!! You will love it, and in the middle, I could not stop gasping.

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