Sunday, October 7, 2012

REVIEW- Balloon Wishes-Regina Pucket

 I never got to post the review up,since I was laptopless but this is the short summary.

In the book before this short story, April's husband dies by a roadside bomb,while she was still pregnant.
    Now, april's son wishes for his mother to find some new love, and makes that wish by letting it go onto a balloon with Jacob, the new coach at the new school who is in charge of the stand. That wish comes  later on it the story SPOILER ALERT....... Jacob marries April, and his wish comes true. This was not too explainable, but give me a break,  it's 21 pages. Now, for the rating.......DUN DA DUN DAA- 3.5/5 stars!

Picture from Amazon.
The Real Summary:    Balloon Wishes is the sequel to If Love was Enough. 

A dying soldier's last wish is for someone to tell his wife how much he loved her, and how much he wanted to be there for the birth of their baby. 

Jacob loses his leg, his faith and faces the dilemma of how to keep the dead Marine's last request without hurting the grieving widow all over again.

God's plan brings them together by using the faith of a child's innocent wish for his mother.

Final Verdict: These are two really short but sweet stories, that I recommend you buy!

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